• 07/12/2022
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JAHAMA Highland Estates Pushes ahead with Winter Peatland Restoration Programme

JAHAMA Highland Estates, in association and with funding support from Peatland Action is carrying out significant peatland restoration work this winter in its Scottish Highland landholding as part of a long-term programme that will help Scotland to tackle carbon emissions.

As much as 20% of Scotland is covered in peat soil, serving as a carbon store for more than 1.7 billion tonnes of carbon. Degraded peatland is a major source of carbon emissions, and the Monadhliath Deer Management Group (MDMG) in 2017 launched a decade-long plan to improve the condition of the upland peatlands in the Monadhliath mountains.

JAHAMA Highland Estates, part of GFG Alliance and sister company of ALVANCE British Aluminium which runs Fort William’s aluminium smelter, manages a 114,000 acres landholding, including the Glenshero Estate in the MDMG area. An internal 2021 study found that the annual rate of carbon sequestration on the estate is approximately 30,665 tonnes of carbon, equivalent to 112,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

So far JAHAMA’s restoration programme has treated 195 hectares (ha) of peatland. Over the coming winter 50ha more will be treated, paving the way for similar programmes next year. Work in the season 2024-5 will bring the total area treated to 365ha.

The restoration programme helped improve the condition of the habitats, reducing the rate at which eroding peat sediment was being released into river systems during storms and helping slow the rate of run-off into rivers downstream. Work involves a mixed programme of drain blocking and restoration of eroded ground. Initial work re-wets the site, restoring natural flow pathways and promoting peat forming plants such as bog mosses and cotton grasses. The work can also revegetate gully walls, and dam up shallow erosion channels.

Jeff Kabel, Chief Transformation Officer for GFG Alliance said:

“JAHAMA Highland Estates is committed to playing a leading role in the restoration and management of peatlands, which left untreated are a major emitter of carbon dioxide. It’s central to our responsible management of the estates surrounding Fort William’s smelter, which helps Lochaber to be a better place to live, work, study and visit by putting local people at its heart. At the same time, it advances our wider vision in Scotland of integrating industrial growth, renewable energy and sustainable development as part of our drive towards reaching Net Zero.”

For further information about Alvance British Aluminium, please contact Colleen MacLean, Executive Assistant & Communications Lead on Colleen.MacLean@alvancegroup.com

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