A Champion for Low Carbon Aluminium

Guided by GFG's central purpose, ALVANCE British Aluminium is led by its strategic commitment to sustainability.

We are radically changing how metals are made for the 21st century. We manufacture a product critical for human progress. We are committed to long-term, responsible and positive action. Enabling a green transition will benefit wider society and future generations.

ALVANCE British Aluminium’s hydropower operation makes the site one of the greenest metal production plants in the world and GFG’s guiding values makes ALVANCE unique in our approach to business.


Transforming Highland potential into sustainable growth.


Produce green aluminium and electricity for customers near and far by harnessing the strength of Highland potential.


To create a sustainable future for our people and environment through the growth of our business.

Our Guiding Values


Recognising that change is a constant in the world, we are dynamic in that we seek to drive change rather than let it drive us.

We pride ourselves on having an open mindset and continually challenging the status quo.


We are more than a team, we are a family.

The GFG Alliance has an intergenerational outlook, which means we make decisions for the welfare of our future generations.


As a family-owned group of businesses, we think of sustainability across three dimensions.

Economically sustainable, socially sustainable and environmentally sustainable.