The Future

Green Aluminium Recycling & Billet Plant

ALVANCE plans to introduce a 100kt state-of-the-art billet and recycling facility adjacent to the smelter using green energy, sourced from the existing hydro-electric plant on site. The billet plant will be equipped with re-melt furnaces that can utilise pre- and post-consumers scrap.

The metal input into the casthouse will be a blend of molten primary metal from the adjacent smelter and secondary metal, a combination unique to Lochaber in the UK which ensures the production of high-quality billets. This will further reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our product and can also help to optimise customer scrap flows.


Aligned with our CN30 targets, we have opportunities to offset our carbon footprint against our natural capital within our hydro-scheme estate with peatland restoration, forestry and wider biodiversity projects.

This guarantees a sustainable metal quality with a carbon footprint:

ALVANCE's New Facility

ALVANCE has full planning permission for its new facility and plans to break ground in 2024/2025. This will allow us to start providing low carbon footprint billet to the market by 2026/2027. The new facility will be able to offer a range of 6xxx series alloys along a broad spectrum of diameters.

We will offer a large selection of diameters, ranging from 7” (179 mm) to 11” (279 mm).

We can offer a sawn billet length of up to 8 meters. Our alloy range will cover 6xxx series billets (AlMgSi), mainly 6060/6063, 6005 and 6082.

With the unique set-up of a recycling plant next to a hydro-powered primary smelter, Alvance will ensure a high content of scrap is used to produce billets with one of the lowest CO2 footprints in the world.

Recycling & Billet Casting Process

The adjacent diagram provides an overview of the process. The diagram indicates the green energy and molten aluminium from the existing smelter to be utilised in the facility alongside the recycled scrap metal to produce the aluminium billets.

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We are very pleased to be able to share our plans of the state-of-the-art billet and recycling facility and to be an industry leader with an ambitious commitment to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our products.


Green Aluminium, Recycling & Billet Plant EIA

Explore the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) submitted as part of planning for our proposed state-of-the-art billet facility, ensuring transparency and sustainability in our operations.