Welcome to the UKs last primary aluminium smelter, where continual improvement meets sustainability. At ALVANCE British Aluminium, we are redefining the industry by spotlighting environmental and supply chain responsibility, resource efficiency, and community well-being.

Eco-Friendly Operations

The business has heavily invested in the best available technologies to minimise emissions to air, water and land, these stringent emission controls ensures that our operations are environmentally friendly. Our commitment to clean energy sources through the use of hydro powered electricity for our energy intensive operation has allowed us to have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the aluminium industry.

Resource Conservation

We take pride in our responsible use of resources, constantly striving to optimise energy and raw material consumption. By â™»recycling process materials, remelting all our produced aluminium scrap and reusing water from the hydro power generation as process cooling water, we minimise waste and contribute to a circular economy.

Community Engagement

We understand the importance of being a good neighbour, ALVANCE British Aluminium actively engages with local communities to help enhance quality of life. We regularly contribute to local charity organisations through our staff Social Committee for fundraising activities, provide exciting career opportunities in the area and collaborate with schools to engage the next generation in STEM career pathways, and we support other local sustainable development initiatives.

We invite you to explore our website and discover how ALVANCE British Aluminium is leading the way in sustainable aluminium production.

Together, we can shape a future where aluminium production meets the highest standards of environmental stewardship, economic growth, and social responsibility.

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Annual Sustainability Report 2022

We are proud to present our first-ever annual sustainability report!

It’s a comprehensive reflection of our commitment and our journey towards a sustainable future.

In this report, you’ll find detailed insights into our efforts to reduce emissions, promote energy efficiency, and foster diversity within the aluminium industry.

Transparency is key, and we believe in being accountable for our actions. By sharing our progress and challenges, we hope to inspire others to join us on this path towards sustainability. Together, we can make a real difference in the fight against climate change.

We invite you all to take a look at our report and share your thoughts and ideas with us.