• 23/10/2023
  • Press Release

Braxi Hall Car Park and access road gifted by Alvance British Aluminium to the Braxi Hall Committee and the residents of Inverlochy

The Inverlochy Village Hall SCIO (known locally as the Braxi Hall) Management Committee are very pleased to announce that they have been gifted the main car park and access road in Inverlochy from Alvance British Aluminium.

Alvance British Aluminium have provided the area of land in front of the hall and have resurfaced the car park as well as removing all the shrubs and trees in poor condition, making it a far more useable space for the community.

Alvance British Aluminium also covered associated legal fees to allow for the car park and road ownership to be transferred to the Hall committee.  Now that the Inverlochy Village Hall Management Committee own the building and the surrounding car park, it will secure the future of the building and will allow for improved access, as well as providing for ample car parking space when events are held at the hall.

A spokesperson for the Inverlochy Village Hall Management Committee, said:

“This transfer of land from Alvance British Aluminium has been a project for the committee for a number of years and we are delighted it has now concluded and that we have been gifted the land in good condition.  The links to the smelter are as old as the village itself and we hope these will continue into the future as we develop our vision to build a new hall to provide 21st century facilities for the local community. The transfer of the land from Alvance British Aluminium brings that vision closer and we look forward to developing our plans further with input from the hall users and the wider community.”

Tom Uppington, Managing Director of Alvance British Aluminium, replied:

“We are absolutely delighted to support the ongoing development of the Braxi Hall, by gifting the ownership of the key car park and access road to the hall committee. Alvance British Aluminium are pleased to have also funded the resurfacing of the area, the improvements to the car park, the legal fees linked to the sale and to have facilitated the involvement of Scottish Ministers in the transfer of this parcel of land. By completing this process, we have enabled the local Inverlochy community to fully own the asset and to assist with improving the opportunities for using the Braxi Hall for many years to come. This opportunity builds on the long-term relationship between the Fort William Aluminium smelter and the community.”


Braxi Hall, Inverlochy

Braxi Hall, Inverlochy

For further information about Alvance British Aluminium & JAHAMA Highland Estates, please contact Colleen MacLean, Executive Assistant & Communications Lead on Colleen.MacLean@alvancegroup.com


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