• 10/04/2023
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Alvance employees step into the new year

Across the wider GFG company – owner of the Alvance British Aluminium smelter at Fort William in Lochaber – nearly 900 people across 175 teams of five from all over the world, from Australia, USA, Czech Republic, Italy to Fort William took part in an eight-week challenge to get 10,000 steps a day. 

We know that being active each day is proven to prevent chronic disease, as well as improve our mood, concentration, and mental health. 

Most of us spend a third of our working lives at work, and for many, a lot of that time is spent sitting. When we combine busy work lives, commuting, social activities and home duties that don’t require us to be very active, we don not often reach the recommended level of physical activity for optimum health and wellbeing. 

The health challenge encouraged team members to develop healthy habits to be active while having a bit of fun and friendly competition along the way despite the peer pressure from colleagues to keep the steps high. 

Team Lochaber ranked as one of the top teams within this global competition, managing to achieve over four million steps, the equivalent of walking from the site in Fort William to Athens – some 2,479.6 miles. 

Lochaber team members did experience a refreshing amount of rain which we might have been avoided if they actually were in Athens but having an ultra-marathon runner in the team certainly helped. 

Tom Uppington, managing director of Alvance British Aluminium, commented on the challenge saying: ‘It is promising to be an exciting year ahead and the health and well-being of staff is what will continue to make the business a success. 

‘We are delighted to be able to offer a wider variety of benefits to staff, including but not limited to our latest offer to staff where possible a 4.5-day week. 

‘Studies show there are real benefits to this working pattern, for employees it offers greater work-life balance and for the business, increased engagement, retention and

‘As the social committee plans events for the year ahead – the next walking challenge will be ‘Move it in March’; hopefully having Friday afternoons off can promote better health and well-being for the team.’ 

For further information about Alvance British Aluminium, please contact Colleen MacLean, Executive Assistant & Communications Lead on Colleen.MacLean@alvancegroup.com

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