Rosie Flannigan

In the heart of Alvance British Aluminium, where molten aluminium flows and innovation takes shape, our colleague, Rosie Flannigan is an inspiration in her role as Production Supervisor within the Rodding Room department, managing a team of 10. This department is responsible for crafting cast iron, uniting carbon blocks with rods to forge anodes, essential in the electrolysis process that births molten aluminium.

Chart your own path: When asked about advice for women aspiring to embark on a career in aluminium or manufacturing, Rosie commented: “Don’t be afraid to try something new. It might not initially be the role you are looking for or the route you planned to take, but never miss an opportunity if there is one presented to you.”

Finding joy in growth: “Since starting work here, I have had many opportunities in each of my roles, helping me grow professionally,” she shares. Rosie is not just a leader in her professional capacity but also the driving force in our Social Committee, managing events that bring employees together and champion local causes.

In her dynamic, Rosie believes in the importance of good communication, organisational skills, and effective teamwork.

Rosie embodies the spirit of resilience, growth, and community engagement. Her journey is not just a testament to her personal success but an inspiration for women contemplating careers in manufacturing.

Tom Uppington, our Managing Director, commented on Rosie’s success, saying:

“Rosie’s tenacity, continuous improvement mindset, empathy, and motivation are the driving force behind our success. Her leadership brings immense value not only to our business but also to the team she leads in the anode department. In addition to her responsibilities within our operations team, she also leads a team on site who organise charity and social events, ensuring our annual family fun days and Christmas parties take place each year while supporting local charities, always going above and beyond to ensure everyone has a great time”.

Here’s to Rosie and to all the inspiring women in our team making a difference every day!